the rise of performance architecture

three-day conference and one-week workshop (extended to three months)
presented at Parc Grisar and realized in the Cureghem Neighborhood, Brussels (Belgium)
then at LUCA School of Art, Sint-Lukas Campus, Brussels (Belgium)

While architecture transforms environments, performance is both rooted in the past (from English per-former) and expects a result. Architecture as performance accompanies the change of environments, by an action at the scale of the individual or group that produces it.
mycitylab explores and revisits the relationship, changes and actions that arise between the city, new technology and the individual. Architecture as performance can change the perception of this set, questioning the essence of the individual and the collective: the foundation of the relationship between the public and the private, the threshold between housing and public space, the definition of the individual and community, as existing and as possible.

the rise of performance architecture is a mycitylab event
as part of todaysart brussels

Cécile Martin wishes to thank Nicolas Wierinck of MyCityLab,
as well as Ewen Chardronnet and Muriel Claeys,
Inge Ferwerda of Sint-Lukas Brussels, as well as Ana Males, Barbara de Coster,
Simon Willems and Charlotte Saillier