Conchas Humanas : movements of interpenetration

This photographic series of 50 prints, is a study on mutation processes of architectural environments. The artistic proposal translates the dynamic of alteration states, which are both the trace of a previous evolution and the anticipation of a predictable metamorphosis.

This interpenetration of art and architecture, contemplates mutation as a live process.
Beyond materiality, it is an energy of life, which allows the perception to break into architecture and the human to be alive.


Conchas Humanas was developed in the framework of a fellowship and a two-month residency at the Sacatar Foundation (Itaparica, Brazil) in June-July 2014.

These past years my research has mainly been focused on the interrelation between individuals, environments, and objects, on parallel mutation processes and on complex connectivity between all. My aim here was to observe, interact with the local environment, to any given situation, to experience and be influenced, observe in a reflexive manner my own creative process, my way of interacting with a given environment.

Prior to my arrival I thought this would happen through direct action on matter and interaction with individuals. But upon my arrival the energetic force of Itaparica had such an impact on me, that I felt the need for a period of taming. The influence, questioning and change on me was acting at a deeper level. Itaparica has operated a freeing long awaited, a shift in my modus operandi.

The experience of this two months’ residency, can be only described as a whole, a totality composed of multiple parts. Mainly, I let my brain at rest. I learned “tranquilla”, the most important Brazilian word, I slowed down and I let my instincts lead the way, the path, the steps, the meaning, the goals, a realignment and a connection to a broader, more complex scope of things. The experience that affected me most strongly is the real understanding, reconnection to the true meaning of abandonment. When actually, I did let go, knowing deeply that it was then that I could learn and be profoundly affected. I opened myself to other levels of perception, of subconsciousness. This seems like a simple game or holiday but no, it has been an active work on myself. To enter and to remain in a deep reflexive level of questioning, letting go of all impulse, habit, preordained notion of what things are, or of what they withhold. Here the world is upside down. And in that perspective, to look at it deeply, with full commitment, gives a breathtaking view at oneself in return, a mirror-effect that affects quite profoundly and unexpectedly. The question being: am I capable of existing in a simple manner as such? What have I really decided for myself? In a philosophical manner, have I a total understanding of all life choices that stand before me? All can acutely be reconsidered, all at once. One's practice, the limits of practice, the purpose, the connectedness and interpenetration of all things.