photographic sensitive cartographies of architectural spaces
presented as solo exhibition at the Maison de l'architecture du Québec, Montreal (Canada), 2014
9 transparent prints on 1/4 x 86 x 12 inches tempered glass

NEUF is committed to describing the experience of space and its unconscious perception, to making visible the cohabitation between spaces, bodies and objects. Photography explores a way in which light operates as a topographic tool, an instrument reproducing the sensitive.
An encounter between the experience of space and its representation, NEUF is the meeting of a perceptual vision with nine architectures, environments, spatial qualities and sensory visions of nine architects.

With the support of the Canada Council for the Arts
and the RAIC (Royal Architecture Institute of Canada) Foundation.

Cécile Martin also wishes to thank the Maison de l'Architecture du Québec,
Leila Alexandre, Marie-France Boucher, Fabiola Di Lena and Valérie Pelletier
of the DESS in Event Design of the UQAM Design School, Céline Poisson,
Laure de Bonis, Yves Deschesnes, François Cormier, Anne Fauteux,
as well as the owners and architects of 9 buildings each winner of a
Canada Governor General's Award in Architecture.