video installation PANORAMICS_MONT-ROYAL #3 presented at
PRAGUE BIENNALE 5 (Czech Republic) program selective affinities
/ May 19 - September 11, 2011

commissioned by curator Marius Tanasescu

A three-dimensional assemblage of low-tech video screens and sound-system, embeded within a ceiling suspended self-sufficient transparent casing: Panoramics_Mont-Royal # 3 explores the limits of sight, how far the eye can dive and dissociate itself from the body. How much the image can distance itself from the screen, be absorbed, distorted by, jump in front or behind the screen.

The eye never disunites from the body. It is a continuation, a projection of the latter. However it has its own space, its own experience of the world, where the medium itself becomes substance, when the multiplicity of simultaneous views finds its embodiment.
The art piece Panoramics_Mont-Royal # 3 explores the subconscious perception of space, vertigo and the in-between. The body is a prisoner of its multiple and immersive perceptions of the world: a hypnotic space, when one's attention lingers. When the eye is grabbed by the image, it plunges into the screen, it moves and gets lost: a space with its own dimensions materializes.

This first collaboration with internationally recognized sound artist Francisco López is a unique opportunity to share a common interest in creating spaces of immersive experience from field recordings.