Panoramics_Saint-Andre #5
sound: Francisco Lòpez
video editing : Christiane Goppert
7 minutes
Montreal (Canada)

presented in the CineChamber (immersive theater for 150 spectators): 10 projection screens, 8.2 sound system, 567 x 378 x 197 inches

A field or ring of endless conversion, substitution, exchange, transformation. A field, reserved extent, the background and space, the exploration of variables, the stage and the network, which defines at any point at all times the perceptible. Maize, maze.

Cécile Martin wishes to thank Naut Humon, Christiane Goppert, Alexia Fabris, Victor Emmanuel Raja Sandrasagra, Francis Théberge, Sylvain Cossette & Alain Pelletier from PRIM Centre and most importantly Francisco Lòpez.