Royal Mustang

A Royal Eagle
A Mustang horse
From a Wind-Radar Installation
Sound mantras
To Rock & Roll
they tell
a dream
the black box spacetime
To form
a single
more powerful

What theater can still snatch from the word, are these opportunities for expansion outside of words, development in space, dissociating and vibratory action on sensitivity.
Antonin Artaud

a project by Li Alin & Cécile Martin
invited artist Greg Smith

collaborators Gui Garrido, Samir Akika, Frieder Weiss, Pierre-Luc Cantin

a Li Alin & Cécile Martin production

Created in residency at
Théâtre LaChapelle | Scènes Contemporaines, Montréal (Canada)
Atelier für Medienprojekte, CineChamber Hub, Cologne (Germany)
TryAngle, performing arts research laboratory, Tanzhaus, Düsseldorf (Germany)
Ben J. Riepe Kompagnie, Düsseldorf (Germany)

photo Marcio Lana Lopez



ETC MEDIA revue d'arts médiatiques #102
Li Alin et Cécile Martin, Le Degré Zéro de la Technologie : de l'imprévu à l'inespéré
article by Sylvie Tourangeau
2014, Montreal (Canada)

Publication of the international cross disciplinary
Tryangle Performing Arts Research Laboratories
2013, Marseille (France)

Collective exhibition Tryangle final showing
interactive installation RADAR-VENT
Théâtre des Bernardines
2013, Marseille (France)