article PANORAMA 2001, in CATALOGUETRADUIT, Art Gallery of York University, Toronto (Canada), 2008, p. 22-33

This article is a contribution to Brazilian artist Carla Zaccagnini's artistbook, cataloguetraduit. Following Catálogo, Catálogo Traducido and Translated Catalogue, cataloguetraduit is the first French version in the series: an ongoing collection of commissioned texts by writers who respond book by book to particular themes in the artist's work.

In this text, inspired by the particularities of Zaccagnini's artwork Panorama 2001, I address the creative process which results in a panorama. This process consists of gathering a collection of fragmented points of view and traces of actions. Once put together as a single artwork, every spectator links these fragments into a unique narrative, thus each encounter creates a new experience in time and space. Within this panoramic creative process, the methodology is intrinsic in the ability of the artist to create the context of unended perceptual revelation and to himself, dissappear.

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