Panoramiques (installation)
157 x 157 x 98 inches (projector, computer with mouse, acrylic glass)
Lorient (France)

Panoramiques (web art)
(computer with mouse, web navigator, flash player)

This interactive Web artwork has been created during a residency at the Enclos du Port, in partnership with the École Supérieure d'Art in Lorient (France), as part of the France-Quebec exchange program Géographies Variables initiated by the curator Julie Morel.

It is built starting from panoramic photography. It offers the dual experience of two cities separated by an ocean. It defines a space of itself within which is revealed a canvas of simultaneous spatial interactions. The project Panoramiques has as a goal the revelation of qualities that link different iconic sites in Montreal and in Lorient of which the Mont-Royal, the Jacques-Cartier bridge, the Keroman submarine base, the Enclos du Port. The artwork consists of snapshots combined into a hybrid. Panoramiques articulates a new type of temporal and spatial experience lived by a single individual at the age of worldwide traveling and Internet browsing, one increased in its complexity.

The web artwork Panoramiques is hosted by



Géographies Variables edition
Khronos et Chôra Le temps et l’espace Chôra et Khronos
, article by Francine Dagenais
2012, Lorient (France)